Sunday, May 18, 2008

It isn't my last glance

In the recent Holy week, I was able to blog of my last glance of Sagada, which I reckoned. But now, I am happy to announce that I’m going back there for another outreach program. Yippe!. For all you know, I’ve been doing this with the full support of my co-rotaractors and generous sponsors since 2006 when I became the elected president of the Rotaract Club of Sampiro – younger Rotarians as they call us. Though my term is over, I still prop up my loyalty to our club as past president. It was awe-inspiring to know that the club to be headed by the elected president, Ms. Bernadette Gonzales-Ostonal will be coming back there for another Balik Eskwela Project on May 24-26, 2008. As of this moment, the group is in the process of gathering school supplies, books and other forms of donations to be given to the seventy (70) less fortunate kids of Barangay Ankileng in Sagada. Six (6) medical staff from Makati Medical Centerwill join the said outreach shelling out their own contributions as well. I can’t wait to see the children wearing their beaming smile as they patiently line-up to get their school presents. That unforgettable smile painted on their faces certainly the main reason that keeps the group from finding bighearted sponsors that will support our projects for the young ones.

The project is one week away. Albeit it’s another fourteen hours butt-aching trip but who cares? I would say that it’s another experience laudable to be remembered by; another absolute idyllic day for the seventy kids and a great chance for us, rotaractors to be the reason for them to smile again. The no-doubt smile that would bring each one of us the amazing feeling even a single penny can’t buy. Hay.. can’t wait to feel such experience all over again.

How about you? Do you want to paint a smile by sharing something for the kids? We’ll be delighted to see you being a part of our club - Rotaract Club of Sampiro. This coming August is our sponsorship month. Our incoming president, Ms. Ma. Cristina Espinueva (hahaha.. go..go.. Tin-Tin!) would be glad to welcome you guys as we altogether extend help to the needy ones in our own rotaract way.

Wear a smile and be the reason for others to smile. Click!.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My sanctuary, my safe haven

Moving from a place you have gotten used to since birth to a place which is wholly stranger to your eyes is such an appalling experience. I remember my first few months of struggling and adjusting myself just to fit in to this so-called highly urbanized metro. My life way back in the province was really far different from where I am now. I’ve been working in Makati for over five years but back then, I actually had my second thought of moving and accepting the job due to my would-be environment. I had the apprehensions that a certified “probinsyana” would absolutely have to dare extend an extra mile just to adopt the city-life.

Finding where to dwell was the first I considered. Though, I do have relatives where I can stay to, I opted to find a different abode. Yeap, they’re my kin but I don’t want to squeeze in myself and be an added burden, este, responsibilities since most of them have already children to look after to. I did find one (boarding house with two rooms) and compromised to pay the bigger share just to convince my eldest sister moved with me, since she works nearby my working place. I need someone trustworthy to ask and get an outright answer of the things that might draw my concern while living my life here, and that’s my ate (thou most of the times we argue over small things because she’s is so clever, peace sis! J) Sad to say after a year, she had to go back to the province because her company has to close and that ended me to be finally on my own. I even cried the first night I went home and saw her room empty. But what I can I do? She needs to leave and I need to get on with my life without her.

It made me realize that living all by myself will give me more time to assess myself, bring out the best in me, decide on my own, live my purpose without turning back, walk head up and face the challenges of life.

And during my downfall moment, the four corners of my room became my place of safety to release the pain of being single-handedly; my own sanctuary who have witnessed my everyday battle of missing my family while fiddling with my new milieu; the haven wherein I can totally take off my different masks and be of myself for real.

Thanks Roomy (my room). You’ve seen the tears I cried, the number of times I smiled and how I’ve grown a lot here. You are my sole eyewitness up to this moment.
Seeing myself now after five years (that’s also an additional five years to my age, whew! I don’t wanna get old yet, really.), I can say that I was able to surpass and agree with the flow of life here.

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